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Cookie & Cie

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Jul 17, 2020

A cookie with a plan. A marketing plan.

Madame Cookie, to some known as Diana, approached us after having perfected her offering – a cookie! It’s really not your typical cookie; it’s perfectly engineered to be the perfect snack in calories and it’s also gluten-free. Or that’s how the journey started…

The launch market: the French part of Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne…)

And this made things interesting as our target audience was quite knowledgeable on “healthy eating” and generic jargon just wasn’t going to cut-it. The cookie had to stand out!

After multiple sessions with Diana and some additional conversations she had with industry-knowledgeable individuals there, we knew how this needed to be steered.

Yes, the cookie is gluten-free. Yes, it’s made using high-grade ingredients. But it was about more and Diana’s vision helped. It was about being mindful while indulging on the cookie. For gourmand young professionals to stop for a minute during their busy days, enjoy a good snack, be mindful and then get back with a fresher outlook on life.

And that’s how Cookie & Cie’s spirit came to life!

So, that was the highlight of the Brand Strategy we had developed, which further details the positioning, audience, buyer journey, personality, values and look & feel. The next part was translating this into tangible collateral starting with The Brand Identity Uplift.

Cookie & Cie already had its logo but its identity needed development to align with the strategy and brand spirit. So that was the first call of action:

Cookie & Cie Logo – Before & After

Next, we went over the packaging and communication touch-points as this cookie can only be found in neighborhood coffee shops. The trick here was to highlight just the right amount of information to showcase the cookie’s uniqueness, but more importantly: its essence of positivity.

Cookie & Cie Packaging – Before & After

Cookie & Cie Stickers & Notes

Cookie & Cie Coffee Shop Jars

In parallel, we were working on the digital strategy which compromised of focusing purely on Instagram and launching the Cookie & Cie website.

Instagram was all about the nice imagery, coupled with the positive messages that portray Cookie & Cie’s essence, both of which help emphasize the cookie’s high quality offering and ultimate mission of mindfulness.

Cookie & Cie Instagram Feed

The website is split into phases; the first being a simple version that showcases the two variations of the cookie offered along with a form to allow for direct ordering. Ultimately, the digital presence would be expanded to contain future product offering and more advanced online ordering – Cookie will always be growing!

Cookie & Cie Website

It was such a delicious journey – pun intended!

We’re very grateful for Diana to have chosen us to be on this journey with Cookie & Cie and we’re looking forward to what the future hides for this richly positive brand. It has definitely kept us mindful along the way.

To know more about Cookie & Cie, visit the website or the Instagram page.

  • Collaborators
  • Wadih Antoun (Digital Strategy)
  • Elyan Jabre (Branding & Design Strategy)
  • Lilas Ghalayini (Design Team)
  • Maud Abi Khalil (Account Management)
  • Nathalie Abdallah (Account Management)