Today more than ever, how you present your brand to the world defines … everything.

Our Approach

In what has become an increasingly connected and consumer-driven market, presenting consumers with a coherent brand image and a compelling brand experience is an imperative and a core element in the success of any business.

That’s why we work in partnership with you to define, refine and polish each of the elements of your brand and to perfect the brand experience you present to consumers.

At Spearhead, we step into each client relationship without preconceptions, prepackaged solutions or a one-size-fits-all mentality. We understand that the needs of every business are unique.

That’s why, to provide you with the solutions your company needs to excel, we immerse ourselves in every aspect of your business until we understand it inside out.

We’ve got a lot of skills to place at your disposal, however, mind-reading is one we have yet to master (although we're getting there).

So, we question...everything, delving into your operating model, your target markets, your industry, your competitors, your clients, your success stories and those which ended in disappointment. We do this because we know that whether it’s how your team answers the company phones, or how your brand is advertised, every aspect of your brand impacts the viability and success of your business.

When you work with Spearhead, we become an extension of your operations. We help you shape the right future for your business by questioning its present. The answers you provide to the questions we ask, combined with our marketing expertise, external perspective, and thorough understanding of your business and industry, will allow us to draw a roadmap for the future of your brand.

What We Do

It takes a number of elements working in perfect harmony to create a winning brand experience.

Through our targeted range of services, and together with our network of exceptional partners, Spearhead delivers tailored solutions to address each element of your brand experience flawlessly.

Every client project is managed directly by Spearhead, regardless of the services required, to ensure that the solutions delivered work together to benefit your brand and your business.

Our services are tailor-made and include:

  • Marketing strategy and management
  • Brand strategy and management
  • Design services
  • Digital strategy and management:
    • Website design and development
    • E-mail marketing solutions
    • Online media: planning and buying
    • Social media strategy and management
  • Spearhead Services
  • Marketing Strategy and Management Services
  • Brand strategy and management Services
  • Design Services
  • Digital Strategy and Management Services

Who We Are

I have worked on the client side as a marketing manager for several years. Achieving our integrated communication objectives was exhausting because of the back and forth communications between different agencies. With the work being fragmented across different players and with growing brand complexities, getting the job done seamlessly became increasingly difficult and redundant. Furthermore, this seemed to be the prevailing status quo among marketers. And so, the idea of a one-stop marketing agency was born.

The core idea behind Spearhead is for our team to work in partnership with clients by acting as an extension of their marketing department or becoming the marketing department. Even when there is work to be done that we don’t offer in-house, we would liaise with 3rd party suppliers. This allows the client to work with us on more strategic matters.

Our journey began very simply. We started working from living rooms and cafes and developed into a fully structured business. Today, we are a group of marketers with different skills to put on the table. From building marketing plans to websites, we like to think of ourselves as the client. By always striving to deliver the best solution, we are enhancing both the brand’s image and growth.

We firmly believe that our clients’ successes and achievements would reflect directly on us. That’s why we relentlessly question to discover our clients’ businesses.

We are fortunate to be working with household names and are looking forward to continuing our journey with these leading businesses.

Katia Abou-Rizk Barakat
Managing Director

Katia Abou-Rizk Barakat

Strategic Partnerships


WhiteBeard and Spearhead have forged a strategic partnership with the aim of offering a more holistic marketing and digital solution to their clients.

These two companies have successfully launched key projects for several clients, including An Nahar newspaper and Nestlé Waters.

WhiteBeard’s strength in software, application and website development is a major addition to Spearhead’s core marketing expertise. Together with WhiteBeard, Spearhead will be enabled to provide a complete digital solution aimed at further empowering their clients.