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Think of this as being a blue print of your brand. When you build a house, you don’t go straight to decorating the interiors. Your architect starts by planning how the house will be divided, how it will serve its residents, etc. It’s the same for a brand…Before even thinking of what it will look like and where it can be sold, there has to be a ‘raison-d’être’ behind the brand. Why does it exist? Who does it compete with? Who does it complement? How is its industry developing? Who is it here to serve? What messages should it be conveying? How should it be conveying them? What are its values? Etc…

Sure, there are some brands that were born from a hunch and that succeeded. But the rule of thumb is that without proper planning, brands will look haphazard and will not hit an emotional chord with their audience, meaning the brand has not built an intangible added value that will make one seek it out or even pay a premium for it. Therefore, any brand in its category can easily take away from its share by playing on price, convenience or any other tangible benefit. The greatest brands are part of our social fabric, not a me-too gimmick. Make yours one of them!

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