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May 28, 2024

Crafting a digital presence, from brand identity to impactful Arab world digital reach

Who is Ourouba22?

Ourouba22 is an independent Arab interactive media platform focused on analyzing Arab world issues. It aspires to be a link and a platform for communication among Arabs of different intellectual backgrounds and age groups, aiming to articulate the defining elements of a progressive Arab future that aligns with the demands of the times.

Spearhead Case Study - Ourouba22 - Intro


Create Ourouba22’s identity while reflecting its focus on the Arab world and designing their website that holds all their wide range of content (news & podcasts), and managing their paid ads through meta ads.

Logo Design

The logo was designed to be straightforward and timeless.

Written in an Arabic kufi font, it gives a traditional vibe, while focusing on the number 22 that represents the total number of the Arab countries.

Colors were picked carefully from the Arab countries' flags.

UI Process

Style Guide

Spearhead Case Study - Ourouba22 - Style Guide

Accessibility considerations

Ensuring that all users, regardless of ability, can navigate and engage with Ourouba’s content was a must. For this reason, implementing features such as clear and concise navigation, contrast and readability, adaptability of the design across various devices and screen sizes, were highly taken into consideration while designing the website.

Spearhead Case Study - Ourouba22 - Website Design

Website Development 

We’ve overseen each stage of development with our development partner WhiteBeard, to guarantee a polished outcome where every detail counts.

Spearhead Case Study - Ourouba22 - Website

Digital Advertising (Paid Ads) 

To promote Ourouba22 news articles further and help their authors from multiple Arab nationalities reach a wider audience, we have set up campaigns with different objectives, targeting all Arab countries, to increase brand awareness, the followers base and its website traffic, as well as encouraging the audience to engage and interact with their content. 

We’ve kicked off our campaigns on Meta, then added Google/YouTube and X to the channel mix.

Spearhead Case Study - Ourouba22 - Paid Ads

Since the content type was news related, the posts had to be promoted on a daily basis, redirecting each one to its related article on the website. This required a dedicated team to be fully invested with seamless coordination to keep the traffic flowing to the website.

In addition to the daily articles, Ourouba22 had a weekly podcast with a different guest, which was also promoted on their YouTube channel.

  • Collaborators
  • Alphonse Aad (Website Design Adaptations)

    Christine Hajjar (Brand Identity and Website Design)

    Yara Makhoul (Account Executive)

    Morgana Issa (Performance Specialist)

    Myriam Hachem (Head of Client Experience)

    Wadih Antoun (Managing Director, Overall Account Strategy)