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Let’s experience design, LXD


Feb 5, 2024

EXPERIENCE takes different shapes with LXD.

About the project:

Let’s experience design, LXD is an experience boutique consultancy, blending architecture, design and art.

They work on crafting immersive environments that transport people to new worlds, igniting their senses leaving a lasting impression.

They define themselves as the architects of moments that stimulate the mind, body, and spirit.

LXD - Patterns


With a clear understanding of the brand, we came in to explore and create LXD’s brand identity in a way that reflects their work and vision:

  • - Curate sensational milestones
  • - Craft experiences
  • - Inspire hearts and minds

The emphasis was on creating a brand image that conveyed creativity, sophistication and mystery. 

Logo Rationale

Because experience takes different shapes, we carved the logo out of basics and gave them a twist. Our starting point was with:

  • - The brand’s 3 initial letters L, X and D.
  • - 3 squares, one of most familiar geometric shapes.

LXD Case Study - Letters rationale

The logo was crafted to subtly showcase LXD as 3 shapes to create a memorable and ownable emblem. 

LXD Case Study - Logo

Visual style

Predefined shapes and unique patterns are an important part of LXD’s identity.

They create memorable, versatile, and visually interactive experiences. We wanted their identity to match this. 

LXD Case Study - Mood

The primary colors, black and white, are complemented by a secondary palette of pastel colors which infuses dynamism to their look while keeping it sleek.

LXD Case Study - Business Card

Being edgy while remaining sophisticated and adding a hint of playfulness are at the core of LXD’s visual style.

LXD - Case Study - Stationery

LXD - Case Study - Email Signature

LXD - Case Study - Social Media Visuals

We enjoyed working on this project and its visionary founder and can’t wait to see the new amazing experiences LXD will unravel. 

Let’s Experience Design
And get immersed…

  • Collaborators
  • Christine as Principal Designer
    Elyan Jabre as Creative Director
    Katia Abou Rizk Barakat as Strategy & Planning