Agencies and the Stigma of Social Media

Jul 15, 2019

We were at a conference last week where some of the biggest agency top guns were present – and though they have enough work behind to flex their muscles for a lifetime, what was shocking to us is some of their take on social media.

Let us explain: they basically ranted about brands’ presence on social media, and about how they are taking over this space and how agencies are now stuck doing social media calendars, yada yada yada...

Ok, let’s pause for a second and replay that in our minds.

Now, can you tell us what is the difference between brands advertising and deploying content across social media channels versus brands interrupting our TV shows with commercials back when we still watched television? Or taking over the streets with billboards? Or pushing their jingles and sponsored shows on the radio? Or sponsoring sports events (arenas, costumes, and the whole nine yards)?

Shall we go on?

Agency specialists should know better. They have been talking about the optimal communication channels for years. It’s in every creative brief. So why this dismay with social media?

Is it the speed? Is it the technology? Is it the smaller budgets? Or is it that consumers actually have a voice so it’s now a 2-way conversation? All of these are overwhelming for anyone in marketing and communications. But like with any emerging channel or technology, we adapt. And more importantly, we keep up.

The recipe for success, however, doesn’t change. A great story is more compelling than ever to lock in an audience’s attention (which is more fleeting than ever). A properly deployed budget can yield more tangible results than in the past and enable us to have more control by adjusting along the way (the beauty of online advertising!). The consumer's voice will push us to stay and remain relevant and to always unlock the right messages.

So essentially, we’re still creating a brand universe, understanding our audience, buying media, deploying key messages and adjusting along the way.