Brands have FOMO too!

Jul 24, 2019

With all the market noise out there and the increasing number of choices in all sectors, we as consumers stand in front of the shelves paralyzed, unable to make a choice on which shower gel brand to buy or even which scent (True Story!)

Having these infinite choices is not helping but our FOMO is playing a big part in that!
With brands having more and more human approach in their strategy: having a personality, a tone of voice... brands are suffering from FOMO as well.

How is that you might ask?

As an example, brands - especially small ones - are afraid to narrow their audiences down fearing they might loose market share so they end up blending in so well, they go unnoticed.

Although it might sound counterintuitive and a bit scary (well, a lot), small brands need to find their niche to be able to resonate with people who will actually buy their product or their service.

That way, since small brands might have fewer resources and budget, it could actually get them more return on investment swimming in their pool, rather than swimming in the ocean.

Then the next big question arises: How to find your niche?

The brand's differentiator is a great insight to base our niche on. So ask yourself: what is THE ONE THING that as a brand you do differently that can add value to your audience?

So let's cut out all the things that your brand can be to all people and focus more time and energy on the one thing your brand should be to the most relevant people.