Bank Audi & SHE MIN Lebnen Training & Workshops - Women Empowerment

Jul 4, 2019

For the second year in a row, we are collaborating with Bank Audi's SME Banking to support small scale producers in Lebanon. This year, we have completed a series of trainings and workshops, for the women of SHE Min Lebnen, across Lebanon. “SHE Min Lebnen” is a project that aims to empower women in rural areas in Lebanon by providing them with the best artistic and professional supervision and guidance. It is the first of its kind hub that connects talented and skilled women with the best names in arts and design to make their products attractive and marketable locally and internationally.

SHE Min Lebnen firmly believed that these women can benefit from tactical workshops that can help them understand how to best market their products. Accordingly, our objective was to have these women leave the seminars with very clear deliverables: A proper social media setup, more aptitude in taking photos (including leaving with a couple of product shots they can use) as well as the ability to price their products correctly. Not only that, but we wanted them to leave feeling empowered.

The trainings & workshops for the women of SHE Mim Lebnen that we have conducted throughout different regions of Lebanon were supported by Bank Audi. The objective behind this initiative is to emphasize on Bank Audi's social responsibility and women empowerment along with the institution support towards small-scaled businesses.

Our topics helped the ladies learn how to market their products, covering Branding, Digital Presence, Photography & Pricing. Our objective was to give them an understanding of the basic concepts behind these complex topics to help them learn how to define their products and better market them. The tangible result of each training day was to have these ladies set up a good Instagram account, learn how to take good photos, and publish a couple on this new Instagram account.

She Min Lebnen

In yet another effort to empower women in Lebanon, Bank Audi supported “SHE Min Lebnen”, a series of workshops that taught around 70 female business owners in rural areas how to market their products and the importance of banking. #BankAudiCSR #SMEBanking #SDG8 #SDG5

Posted by Bank Audi on Friday, August 9, 2019

We are very thankful for Bank Audi and SHE Min Lebnen for entrusting us to deliver this workshop. We were surprised by the ladies' amazing positive vibes and the questions that came our way.

Here’s some of what the ladies had to say about the workshop through a survey:

  • كانت ورشة عمل أكثر من رائعة ومفیدة
  • رائعة!!!! وكنا بحاجة ماسة للتدریب على التصویر والتسویق والتسعیر وكیفیة استعمال االتواصل الاجتماعي وخصوصا ماسینجر والمعلومات عن بنك عودة ایضا كانت مفیدة وجدیدة وزادت معلوماتي عن اھمیة ان یكون لدي حساب مصرفي
  • معنویاتنا واستاذة رائعییین یوم ممتع اكتسبنا معلومات مفیدة ورفعنا
  • ورشة عمل رائعة
  • مشاركة مميزة وخاصة كيف ننشر على الانترنت
  • ممتازة وكانت مفیدة جدا شكرا
  • مدربین رائعین واكفاء
  • كان وقت مفید وممتع نشكر جھودكم

We completed a series of training workshops for the women of @SheMinLebnen that is being supported by @BankAudi. Our...

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