It’s Time We Retire The Single Page Websites

Mar 7, 2019

A short while ago, there was a lot of hype around single-page websites. We’re not even sure it’s slowed down. We’ve met with a lot of potential leads who were extremely proud as they scroll endlessly on their newly developed website.

It’s never pleasant to tell these people that this actually make their marketing less efficient. Sure, these website can be very pretty, but from a functionality point of view, it’s harder to sell a single-page website if your business is a complex and well developed one.

Single-page websites usually offer a better mobile experience. The user can simply scroll down and keep learning about your business. They don’t have to go through menu navigation and go from section to section or to other pages. They’re also great for really shedding light on a single idea or speak to a very specific audience. Not to mention all the neat visual effects that you can apply.

The problem is that they limit your online advertising capability. Let’s simplify things - overly simplify things for those of you not very familiar with how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works. When Google scans your page to identity what it’s talking about, they follow this line of thought: ONE PAGE = ONE IDEA. (Again, overly simplifying things here). So let’s say your business sells multiple services and you talk about all of them, in details, in one-page, then this will confuse the topic on your page. If someone is coming in for Service C and they have to read multiple sections going through Service A & B to get to C then you’ve lost that customer or even that Search Engine Bot that is scanning your site. Let’s add to the example and say you want to run a remarketing campaign to remind people of your services when they browser other websites. How would you know if you should remarket Service A, B or C if they’ve landed on a page that talks about all 3 of them?

So unless your business has a very narrow and specific offering that you can cover very well in one-page, a multiple-page website is more efficient to market online and get trackable conversions. We know, you’re still thinking that they are pretty and give room to go crazy with design and we get that; but the real question here is: What is the best website approach that serves my online strategy?

Get in touch with us and let’s chat about your existing or planned website to make sure you have a website that you’re proud of but also a website that helps you sell.