Where’s video going?

Mar 28, 2019

Back in the day, when advertisers thought of video, they immediately thought of TV. Clearly, that has shifted over the past decade!

6 out of 10 people now prefer online video platforms to live TV. Some numbers even show that viewers under the age of 32 will not subscribe to offline paid TV services anymore. Anything that’s on TV, is something you can watch online later when you have time.

So, people are not in front of TVs anymore. And while we are trying to reach them, they are reaching for their phones.

Social Media is the leader in advertising. Last year, we witnessed the growth of Instagram stories to a point where they are now viewed more than the timeline posts themselves. Instead of swiping up, everyone is swiping left. This is due to the vertical format that takes up all the screen; which turned out to be a new video format that can’t be missed.

But think about the last time you wanted to watch a video online. Where did you go? Despite Facebook being widely popular with videos, YouTube is still king in online videos and time on YouTube actually went up. Any topic, at anytime, anywhere, with no cable. With people always on the go, it’s the perfect On-Demand platform! They are even introducing vertical videos to adapt to your mobile screens.

So how can brands use YouTube to their advantage:

  • While Instagram has its bloggers & influencers, YouTube has its “content creators” which is really the same thing. And like Instagram, there is a variety of topics. So maybe if you’re working on a marketing strategy for a hotel, you might be interested to partner up with a travel vlogger whose channel is about traveling & places to visit...
  • You click on your YouTube video but it doesn’t play right away. You have to wait, and see 6 seconds of advertising before you can skip & begin your video. That is one of many other ways you can promote your brand on YouTube, via Google Ads. But what’s really interesting here, is the targeted methods that allow you to target people based on topics. So again if you are a hotel, you might target traveling channels with your ads.

What do we take away from all of this?

Ditch TV, online video advertising is on the rise & Youtube is the place to be. Add some Instagram Stories campaigns to the mix and take your brand to the next level!

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