COVID-19 Era - The Struggle is Real

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 era has been a time of reflection, despair, opportunity for some and struggle for most. But today, let's look at the bright side.

By Katia Barakat

About 4 min read . Nov 27, 2020Strategy & Consultancy

Whether you’re struggling to keep your business afloat amidst lockdowns or trying to ride the digital transformation wave, it’s no secret that the COVID-19 era has been a time of reflection, despair, opportunity for some and struggle for most. 

But today, lets’ not delve into the negatives which we’ve all become far too familiar with, let’s look at the silver linings: 

  • Some actually had time to introspect. This was usually a luxury but in these times, it was a either a forced exercise or a welcomed challenge; in any case, for many it served a purpose. 
  • For those who were properly navigating their business and keeping their finances in check (i.e. cashflow, receivables, etc.), expanding their business during this time was not a no-no, quite the opposite actually. 
  • Forced creativity became a thing and had people develop/create/reinvent a product or service suitable for the times. 

History has informed us that no catastrophe lasts forever; new catastrophes emerge, true, but they all have a finish line. So giving up, unless forced upon you, should not be an option. let’s look at some interesting local examples who have emerged with gusto during these particularly difficult times: 

Marie-France Lingerie 

With soaring prices in the imported lingerie market, Marie-France Lingerie, a locally manufactured lingerie brand emerged like a woman’s savior. Though it did have an important market presence with key locations in high-profile malls and streets, it suddenly materialized as a go-to online destination for lingerie and home-wear. And they didn’t skimp; quite the opposite. They have a full-fledge e-commerce presence, strong social media communications and according to what we’re privy to on their platforms, they are on a hiring streak, seeking to fill important positions like “Retail Business Analyst”.

So it wasn’t all gloom and doom for Marie-France Lingerie. They seized this opportunity and ran with it. 

Wakilni Delivery    

Not only is it soaring, it also came out with a new look and feel to its brand. In an era where everything went online, Wakilni was there to take on local businesses who needed a reliable partner to get their products to their beloved customers, respectfully and on time. Not only did Wakilni intelligently ride this wave by integrating with new e-commerce platforms and gaining more customers (for those who have been ordering online, check who has been delivering your local products: Most of the time, yes Wakilni!), they also managed to create a CSR initiative called Reboot Beirut to help small businesses that were affected by the blast. All we can say to the Wakilni team is: RESPECT! 

We know not everyone’s story is a positive one. We know many businesses have closed down. We also know many were left unemployed. However, we feel it’s important to shed a ray of hope and to salute the businesses that are still going, that have retained their workforce, that are expanding and defying all the obstacles. 

Today, we choose to look on the bright side. 

So bravo and kudos to those truly resilient businesses and the people behind them! 

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