What happens when the uplift is too close to home

We’ve recently re-evaluated ourselves and the experience taught us a few lessons.

By Elyan Jabre

About 3 min read . Mar 12, 2020Full Marketing

Uplifting, rebranding, branding... that's part of what we do for our clients.

What happened when we decided to uplift our own brand image?

Well bluntly, we became the client; as excited, scared, skeptical, sometimes tiring as they might get.

Our brand image was developed 7 years ago and beside a few minimal changes to our stationery and some document templates, nothing major had really changed. Along the way, some elements had been added: few colors and iconographic style.

During that time, our brand was fulfilling what we wanted it to do and we kept revisiting it on the backburner. We kept busy by being there for our clients and then the big thing happened: The economic collapse.

Although the situation had and still has bad consequences on us all, we have to admit it made us think and rethink about some of our strategies.

To keep this blog on point, we decided to take advantage of the current situation and re-evaluate ourselves.

We put our thinking hats on and dug deep into our brand strategy, revisiting our mission, our vision and our values and align our culture with our business objectives. We also made sure every team member was involved in the process. This whole shift had to be translated visually to represent our brand growth to our audience, whether it be our clients, potential leads, or the whole world.

What did we learn from this exercise? Well...

Treat the agency's brand image as you treat your clients'

We wouldn't say put yourself first, as cheesy as it may sound, but the agency's image is as important as the clients’. It should be kept relevant, coherent & fresh. It is part of why our clients chose us and why a potential lead reaches out. So for the sake of getting business, it needs to be taken good care of.

An account handler for your own

How about treating yourself exactly like you treat your clients. Someone from the Accounts Department is always looking out after a client. Well, if you didn't get the gist yet, assigning an account handler to your own agency's account can be very beneficial. Otherwise, it’s just too many parties involved and everyone thinking someone else took care of that brief, review, content or feedback.

More empathy

We now know first hand how a client feels when we are working on their brand. And to that we have to say that sometimes risks may be hard to take but moving towards any direction actually need the energy to change. To set you at ease nothing is set in stone, your brand is a living breathing representation of your business it should always evolve and go places.

The final lesson

Make the most out of a bad situation. Re-invent yourself to adapt and keep on going.

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