How to market your online business

Selling online can seem simple but it takes hard work. We'll look at some angles you need to be looking at.

By Wadih Antoun

About 4 min read . Jan 13, 2020Web Design & Development

Selling online can seem simple and in some ways it is. Still, starting an e-commerce business is hard work and there are a lot of angles you need to be looking at.

At this point, we're assuming you've already set up your basics: you have a product, you've done your research, you have a brand and you've set up your website.

The next step before launching would be to select your channels: direct, social, search, email and referrals - among others. Let's go over a few main ones.

Social is key

Social traffic is great; it's probably going to be one of your main traffic sources. It could even just be about awareness and there is a bouquet of social channels for you to start with: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or maybe even TikTok... Facebook Ads will take the crown here as you manage ads on both Facebook, Instagram and other platforms through it. Your content should also play a role in promoting your brand, your products and why people should buy. Your ads will play a more sales aggressive role to help you secure those deals!

Make way for Search

This doesn't mean you forget about search engines, both organically (or "free") via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid through Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We're mainly talking about Google Ads here. Google Ads for Search can help you capture amazing opportunities from those that are actively looking for your products while Google Ads Display can help with awareness and retargeting.

Emails to seal the deal

Email marketing might not take your business to the next level but it's perfect for securing more sales from your existing database. They've deemed you worthy of their money so why not remind them of new products and more. It's also efficient in nurturing those who weren't quite ready to commit yet for various reasons.

It doesn't stop here. Digital marketing is beautiful, fun, scalable and above all, efficient! On one condition... you do the work.

Optimizing for conversions

It's not enough to run ads and publish your content. You need to be testing, trying and innovating with your messages and artwork to keep on learning and optimizing your advertising efforts. You'll need to run multiple versions, check each step of your marketing funnel and finally assessing your cost per result and thus your revenue.

Get a helicopter view with Analytics

Many people roll with their ads and their reporting and live happily. We guarantee you, these people are losing opportunities to improve. It's not enough to focus on your ad performance, you need to complete the overall picture and get deep into your website analytics. It's crucial to understand your visitors and their behavior to make sure your store's experience is impeccable.

Does it seem like too much to do? We're here for you. Schedule your free consultation session and we'd love to tell you how to move your business forward.

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