A Lot of Companies Will Struggle Without Paid Ads

Aug 15, 2019

There’s a misconception that when you advertise to build your following or grow engagement on Facebook, you’re just buying likes or followers. This isn’t true. You’re paying Facebook for the opportunity to put a piece of content in front of someone. It’s your content’s appeal that gets them to take action to like or follow you.

Erick Brownstein, president and chief strategy officer at Shareability, a company that has created some of the most shareable content of all time, agrees that regardless of how good your content is, it’s essential to amplify it with paid media.

"Efficient paid is the new organic." Using paid media really well is key. You’ll go far if you’re smart and get your fans for a fraction of the cost that others spend. - David Oh, Chief Product Officer and head of growth at FabFitFun.

He feels that when we reject the importance of paid media we reject the importance of consumers - a concept he finds dehumanizing. He doesn’t know how people can expect to reach their audience without some form of advertising.

Facebook’s advertising platform operates as an auction. If your content is engaging and people are reacting to it, it will let you run your ad for cheaper in the auction. However, if your content is not that appealing, Facebook will allow you to keep running the ad, but your cost will be extremely high because the content isn’t as valuable to the platform.

Facebook has recently declared how they’re going to be more aggressive in showing people more and more stories from their friends and family over business content. So organic reach will decrease even more. You need good content and content that entices your audience to share, coupled with proper targeting & ad optimization.

A lot of companies will struggle if they don’t realize the value in using paid media to be seen. Organic marketing for brands and media companies on Facebook will now be more difficult than before.

It’s all about optimizing your ads to get the most of your budget. But make no mistake, you need a budget. Let’s schedule a call to discuss.