Do not fear the empowered client

May 24, 2018

The classic agency model has remained unchanged for years.
But around it, the proliferation of different agencies has been seeing the light of day…design boutiques, online agencies, social media agencies, development agencies, etc.
Moreover, Do It Yourself (DIY) tools have not only been multiplying but have become more readily available to audiences seeking them.

So where should we stand in the face of not only fierce competition from colleagues in the industry but of more enabled and self-sufficient clients?

As marketers, we should seek to embrace this change.

Times are changing and so should our business model.
Work should never be static.
Our core strength should remain about our know-how and our ability to holistically understand marketing & brand implications in order to help clients adopt the most suitable strategy for their business. This is not replaceable.

Even if clients want to create their own website through an open-source site, we still have the ability to help them create the strategy that will drive traffic to this website and leads to sign-up for their service or products.

Even if clients want to create their own content, we still have the ability to help them choose the channels that best serve their purpose and help them design their content strategy.

The point is the days where clients surrender control of their marketing efforts are gone, and that is actually a good thing. Working with more informed clients is a blessing and should not be feared.

After all, a marketer’s added value comes from strategizing, planning and not merely executing.

Don't get us wrong; we love to create and execute, but we can do much more than that. Moreover, DIY tools are not for everyone…Adopting these tools depends on the size of the company, the scalability of the projects and other important factors.

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