No One Does Content Marketing Better than Santa!

Dec 21, 2017

Here comes Santa Claus...

Legend goes that Saint Nicholas, a fourth century wealthy bishop, known for his generous gifts to the needy, dropped, through the chimney, bags of gold to a poor pious Christian man so that he had dowries to marry off his three daughters.

But, throughout the years, the name and the stories kept transforming themselves. Saint Nicholas became Father Christmas and Santa Claus. And in the twentieth century, this gregarious character, a white bearded man with a belly, who lives in the North Pole and who travels throughout the sky every Christmas, along with eight reindeer, and who gives gifts to well behaved children, became one of the most popular character brands of all time.

You better watch out, you better not cry...

Year after year, parents all over the world have their children writing letters to Santa Claus, “sending” them to the North Pole, hanging stockings from their chimneys and even leaving cookies and milk out for Santa.

The magic of Christmas is communicated through this persona, that may have arisen from a real character but that is, in reality, a fabrication of popular culture. Coca-Cola anyone?

And yet, this persona pops up every year at local malls, children await him wide eyed on Christmas eve, songs are sung about him with glee and retailers promote him shamelessly.

The fact that year in and year out, the same stories, songs and traditions repeat themselves, means that Santa must have done something right. His stories are so compelling that he’s got us repeating the same ones every year. He doesn’t even need to create new content!

Santa baby... you’re good!

Merry Christmas everyone, from the Spearhead team.