Video Series on Top Decisions & Steps to Create Your E-Commerce Business

Women in Business Network commissions a series on the best practices and key decisions to start your online store.

By Wadih Antoun

About 2 min read . Apr 2, 2021Strategy & Consultancy

The need to have your online store has become crucial today.

The Women in Business Network with the Lebanese League for Women in Business has commissioned us and Wakilni to generate a series of 6 episodes to help women looking to kick-start their e-commerce business in Arabic.

From our side content was developed by Wadih Antoun, Head of Digital Strategy, & presented by Elyan Jabre, Head of Design. Wakilni’s Co-founder & CEO, Yusr Sabra, has developed and presented the content from their side.

Check out the library of videos below:

E-Commerce Platforms Summary

There are a number of e-commerce platforms to build your e-store on. We’ll guide you through the main decision on the two main approaches: Custom vs Ready-Made.

Designing the Experience

Just as you would care about a potential customer’s experience when visiting your physical store, the same applies on your online store with examples such as overall design & layout, categorization, and messaging.

E-Store Key Features

So many functionalities are out there but we’ll help you make sure you have the core traits you will need to succeed, such as: reporting, abandoned carts, variants, payment methods, and ads Tracking.

Choosing Your Delivery Partner

There’s more to your delivery partner than pick-up and delivery. Before you set out to choose one there are key things to address.

Defining Your Shipping Strategy

This video will guiding you through the physical part of your e-commerce journey, dealing with fulfillment, packaging, setting delivery fees, etc...

Digital Marketing Channels Overview

Once everything is ready, you might be surprised that no one’s visiting your beautiful store. That’s where Digital Marketing comes to play with Facebook Ads, Google Ads (SEM), Email Marketing and SEO.

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