To Pitch or Not to Pitch?

The short answer: the pitch days are over and you should never ask.

By Katia Barakat

About 2 min read . Jun 10, 2020Full Marketing

Yes, we pitch; we pitch a fit when we get asked to pitch for a project. Joking aside, we’re not here to rant, but rather explain why we don’t pitch anymore.

But why might you ask? Are they full of themselves at this agency?

We can reassure you that we’re not. But yes, our teeth cringe when we get asked to pitch and honestly you should never ask anyone to pitch. It’s insulting and it’s an exploitative practice. And here’s why:

4. Time is money. Ideas are worth money too. And a pitch that is not won is money wasted and which could have gone to the benefit of existing clients.

3. It devalues us and our work. Not enough information is shared to really ‘crack the case’ – which renders the pitch a skewed exercise in creative muscle flexing that may or may not be relevant.

2. Many times, the client already knows which agency they will be selecting before the pitch (and that just stings!) it’s just an exercise that they do… because well, it’s not costing THEM much.

1. Pitching which requires an old school conceptual approach to tackling a media campaign for example, should be rendered obsolete in today’s world, where brands delivering consistently fresh and genuine content is key.

What businesses should be looking at when selecting an agency are the following:

approach - chemistry – skill sets – previous work – capabilities – agility – process and pricing

Your client/agency relationship may or may not last. But that too is the fate of your relationship post pitch.

If you’re still wondering if you should ask for a pitch, then the amazing Mona Chalabi put it brilliantly in this illustration:

You need an agency to partner with you?

Get in touch and let’s have a conversation about your goals, your pain points and your business’ roadmap, but don’t ask for a pitch.

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