The Power of the People Reflected through Social Media

With great power, comes great responsibility

By Katia Barakat

About 2 min read . Nov 1, 2019Digital Marketing

For those who had doubts about social media and its impact on people, what are your thoughts now, into day 16 of the Lebanese Revolution?

Through social media and influencers particularly, we have been able to get an accurate depiction of what has been happening on the ground – in many cases more accurate than what the media has been publishing.

And though there have been many leaks of "fake news" on social media, it is also through the social media lens that these fake news have been uncovered and shamed. Here lies the responsibility for each one of us to fact-check, as much as possible, before sharing to the public or via messaging apps. Otherwise, we might be doing more harm than good, despite good intentions.

For the most part, social media has enabled the me-journalist to emerge and to show the different facets of the revolution, through footage, pictures, messages, alerts, art and more… This in part has helped keep the revolution fueled, and in some cases backed up properly.

And even for those who believe that social media has been creating social rifts instead of bringing people closer, for once and for the sake of this very important human cause, we believe social media has shown to be one of the catalysts in bringing people closer than ever and in making sure important voices and messages are heard.

We hope that the will of the will people will prevail for the sake of a better, cleaner, safer and more prosperous Lebanon.

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