The frame sets the tone

Jul 12, 2018

Consider this: "95% effective rate" sounds & sells better than "5% failure rate.".

It’s the same product, packaged differently.

As much as we’d like to think we’re logical people, we’re actually driven by impressions & emotions in more ways that we can consciously identify. Your product might be the best out there but if you’re not taking good care of how you’re introducing it, how you’re talking about it and how you’re packaging it, it might just fail – no matter HOW good it is.

Framing or packaging a message or product is not about manipulation (unless you’re deceiving people with your product, which is a whole different approach! Let’s not go there). It’s about expressing yourself in a language that is more enticing and more relevant to your audience. Don’t assume people are making a very educated, very well-studies decision every time they’re purchasing, reading or taking action towards something.

Here’s a light example of how you package a message makes all the difference in the world sometimes: