A Brand That Takes a Stand!

Mar 21, 2018

The Internet has been abuzz with the announcement of Isabella Rossellini being re-hired by the internationally renowned cosmetics company Lancôme, 23 years after her long tenure with the same company ended at the age of 42.

At 42, Rossellini was basically told she was too old to continue with her gig.

Today, Isabella Rossellini is 65. Yes, 65!

We don’t know the details of her upcoming role at Lancôme, but the mere fact that the company is revisiting beauty standards and taking an all-inclusive approach to the world of women’s cosmetics is simply inspirational.

What is the takeaway from this story for other brands?

Be bold. Be unique. Stand for what you believe in. Don't follow the trend. Create your own.

That's how you stand out! That’s how you get people to talk about you (like we are!).