Un-boosted Posts on Facebook Are Useless

Feb 1, 2018

Stop "trying it out". It doesn't work, even if you're publishing your posts on the peak hour of your fans coming online. It's a waste of time… for you, for the person who made the content that will never be seen, for the designer who worked hard on the visual and for anyone else involved.

You might as well have created that visual and caption, printed it, looked at it, enjoyed it then shredded the paper!

Before you set out to hire an outside agency or even decide to create your digital presence, make sure you have a good ad budget, a sustainable ad budget. The worst thing you can do is pay agency fees and not pay ad fees. In that case, not only would you be wasting your time, you would be wasting actual money too!

The beauty about digital is that you don't need to go to crazy amounts to be seen, but you do need to have some sort of a decent budget.

A couple of years back we used to reach about 2% of our audience without ads. So, if you have 10,000 fans on Facebook, you would reach about 200 fans only if you didn't boost. However, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed this year's objective: to reduce that even more.

He wants people to spend less time on Facebook, but higher quality time.

Now before you panic, that's not all bad at all. With people being bombarded less with spamy viral cat videos, they're now paying closer attention because of the better-quality content.

What this means for you? Your ads will probably cost more, but hopefully will reach a more attentive audience and thus have a bigger impact.

If you're worried you're not getting the most out of your budget on Facebook or not sure what a decent budget is, get in touch and let's chat!