3 Years Already

Apr 17, 2016

3 years already. It may sound like a cliché, but it truly seems that it was only yesterday we were sitting in our living rooms or in cafés, scrambling to put together the best ideas and presentations for potential clients. It was both scary and exciting. Fast forward 3 years, it’s still scary, exciting but more importantly, it is very rewarding.

We’ve come a long way and are lucky to be working with some amazing clients and brands.

Sure, we face the typical agency/client conundrums that our friends and peers in the industry face: "I like the options you presented us, but can we see other directions?", "my wife doesn’t like the visual.”, "can you change the color?", "can we get it tomorrow?”… We can go on and on, but put these "pickles" aside, we can tell you with certainty that nothing beats that great feeling of accomplishment when a project comes together and is welcomed by smiles and thank you’s from our clients!

So, we keep charging forth looking forward to more and greater milestones.

What have we learned in the past 3 years?

  • Quality needs time. Don’t rush things, even when the client is in a hurry (they always are!).
  • Some things just shouldn’t be done. Don’t always say yes (even if we’re eager to please).
  • Always give an added value. Otherwise, there’s nothing differentiating us from the competition.