The Client’s Input: A Key to Success

Oct 10, 2016

What is the secret behind a successful marketing or communication project? The answer is really simple, it’s collaboration!

It is always expected from agencies to deliver creative and powerful results. It definitely is their responsibility to find the best route for the client and to deliver impactful marketing solutions and communication activations. However, no matter how experienced and creative the team is, this can’t be successfully achieved without the client’s input.

Clients need to look at their marketing agency as their partner and not merely as an executer; accordingly, they need to share every piece of information regarding their brand and everything that is running in their head. Otherwise, projects (and sometimes client/agency relationships) will end in disappointment.

Simply put, we need you! Your industry know-how, in-depth product or service knowledge and your vision for your business will drive marketing & communication efforts.

Therefore, in order for an agency to work efficiently and deliver the best outcome, the following input is usually needed from the client’s side:

A clear brief:

A client’s brief should detail the expectations from their marketing agency. It should give agencies a clear indication of they should deliver from their side. Accordingly, all their efforts will be based on it.

A written brief is always needed, but it doesn’t replace the verbal or ‘face-to-face’ brief. Ideally, it takes both to ensure optimal results and avoid any doubt or misunderstanding. The verbal or ‘face-to-face’ brief enables a dialogue and allows the agency to ask the questions it needs to ask. The written brief helps avoid any doubt or misunderstanding and is kept as a reference throughout the stages.

Generally, a brief includes the following:

  • Current situation of the brand or specific product/ service
  • What is changing / happening / or being added
  • A clear measurable objective
  • Description of the target audience
  • Expected response
  • Main message and tone of voice
  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Mandatories

A well written, clear brief saves time, money and leads to a strong campaign which also leads to a great marketing impact. Everyone is happy!

Clients are an agency’s bread and butter, there’s no denying that. And for a client to truly get their money’s worth, their input is highly critical in order to see things flourish.

We like working closely with our clients because it usually ensures smooth sailing... Clarity of deliverables, timely approvals, managed expectations and results that are simply spot on!