The Benefits of Retargeting

The digital marketing trick that keeps on giving.

By Katia Barakat

About 4 min read . Jul 13, 2023Digital Marketing

Let me tell you a story of a marketer, who is immersed in the world of digital marketing, who works with clients on increasing their online visibility and sales and who knows a thing or two about digital ads. Yes, this marketer is me. 

A few months ago, I went to an online store to check out a pair of sneakers I thought I liked but wasn’t entirely sure. I checked them out, saw if my size is available and then one of my kids called me, so I left my online browsing experience and went on to attend to my child. 

Sometime later (probably a couple of days), as I was browsing the net, an ad for the very same sneakers came up. 

Who are they trying to fool? You can’t teach an old dog new tricks! If I wanted the sneakers, I would have went back for them. So naturally, I ignored the ad. But then it happened again a few times and somehow, I felt compelled to go back to the online shop, check again if they had my size and the next thing I know, I was filling out my email address and a day later, the sneakers were being delivered to my house. 

The morale of the story is that for online retailers, there is definitely a benefit to retargeting, so make sure this is part of your online ads strategy. Retargeting serves you well because those you are “re” targeting are people who have shown interest in your brand and more importantly, in your products. So your retargeting ads have the benefit of being more engaging than your other ads and more importantly, have higher potential of converting into sales. 

This article from Forbes slaps us in the face with this daunting fact: 

“Here’s a fact that should make you uncomfortable: Approximately 92% of people who visit your website are not yet ready to purchase your product or service. They might be interested, but they’re not quite ready to convert. This is where retargeting comes in.”
Forbes – “What Is Retargeting and Why Is It So Important?” – Jason Fishman, May 2020

Add to this lack of readiness a very saturated online world where the fight for eyeballs and attention intensifies every day, it is best to attend to those “low hanging fruits” who have already entered your marketing funnel! After all, you have already captured their attention: They already visited your site so you can cross off “Awareness” and “Interest” from your marketing funnel. You just need to re-engage them to come back again (maybe a few times) so that they can be convinced to take action. 

What is retargeting exactly and why is it important for your digital ads strategy? Get in touch and let’s talk about your retail offering and presence and see how we can optimize it together.

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