Short. Simple. Instant.

If we had to put a label on the current state of digital marketing for 2023, it would definitely be that.

By Katia Barakat

About 4 min read . Feb 28, 2023Digital Marketing

Sounds like a recipe coming up, right? If only. It would be much simpler! ☺ 

We’re actually talking about digital marketing trends. If we had to put a label on the current state of digital marketing for 2023, it would definitely be “Short. Simple. Instant.” 

Add to that “Faster” for marketing teams and agencies. *Sigh*. 

So what are we talking about exactly? 

Short is for the form most videos are consumed in today

Short videos are THE thing when it comes to content creation, whether they are on TikTok or reels on Instagram. These videos, along with many other things happening online, are rendering consumers’ attention even shorter than before, putting the pressure on another form of content: Messages. 

Simple is for how consumers want to receive messages from brands 

Keep your messages simple they say. Keep your messages clear they say. People don’t have time to read, they are flooded by too much information, so if you want to have a prayer at reaching them, keep it simple. 

Instant is for “give it to me now”

And to top it all off, consumers want what they want “now”, while they are on your website or page, so the room for error is literally at ZERO, why? Because not only are attention spans getting smaller, patience levels are decreasing too. 

But here’s the thing, this is all easier said than done. We’re not saying you shouldn’t hop on these paths to enhance your digital presence and business, not at all. We’re simply saying that “Short. Simple. Instant”. actually takes more time than meets the eye. 

Short videos need to be part of a clear brand communication strategy, so that if taken on their own or lumped with other communications, they completely respect and promote the brand’s reason for being. Moreover, they need to be created by skilled content creators, so you need to make sure to have access to such individuals. They may look super easy for you, but despite appearances, most of the time, these videos are not done haphazardly. 

Keeping messages simple means really honing in on the brand’s DNA and communication pillars, so that the core and most resonating elements are kept in the message. Therefore, having a sturdy brand strategy and sharp creatives working on your brand to bring this strategy to life is no longer a matter of “good to have” but rather a “must have”. 

And finally, enabling instant gratification on your online channels means instilling a smart digital strategy where the consumer funnel is validated from A to Z. And true, we did say earlier that there is ZERO room for error, but here’s the thing, we’re only human. So, in the event that an obstacle occurs, be ready to bring the best version of your brand to the forefront and this means hit back with excellent customer service. Not only will the customer forgive you, he or she will echo their most positive feelings about how you handled a mishap with their closest friends. 

So you see, the problem with the digital world is that it gives the false impression that things are so easy, even dumbed down if you will…but let’s just say that it takes a lot hard work and quite a bit of intelligence to dumb things down.

Curious about how to make things “Short. Simple. Instant.” for your online brand? Get in touch and let’s have a conversation about what we can do together.  

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