Take the focus off your product!

How to avoid self-talk as a brand and resonate with your audience.

By Elyan Jabre

About 2 min read . Nov 4, 2022Branding

The headline says it all: the power of a brand lies in how you make your (potential) customer feel. It's less about your product or service, it's more about them.

Unless you have a unique product or service with zero competition (says no one) then this article is for you.

Swimming in a sea, maybe more like an ocean of similar products and dealing with the paradox of choice, consumers want to make purchases that make them feel better about themselves, purchases that are in line with who they are or who they thrive to be.

Put the business owner in you on the side for 1 sec, you are a consumer too! We all are.

What was your last purchase and why did you pick that brand?

Now back to reality. You want to resonate with your audience. The keyword here is resonate.
Here is how you can do that:
1- Shift the focus away from the product. It might sound counterintuitive at first but by shifting the focus you will be able to create an aspirational world where your customer can imagine themselves in. You are now creating your brand.
2- Imagine your customer persona. Are they nature lovers? city lovers? travelers? Young? Your visuals should mirror who they are, so they can see themselves in your brand effortlessly.
3- Show your product(s). We scared you there, didn't we? Don't worry, we know you want to sell your product and we are a marketing agency after all. 

Your product is visible to complete the image, to bring out the emotion you want them to feel. It's the cherry on top.
This is the way to carve a place for your brand not only in consumers' minds, but in consumers' hearts as well. This will make it much more difficult for consumers to replace you. And that's the sweet spot every brand aims to be in! 

We are happy to help you shift the focus off your products and now you know why!

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