The Meta Rebrand: A Reminder on The Importance of Retelling Your Brand Narrative

We sometimes dismiss rebranding as just another marketing tool or stunt, but guess what? It works. It puts your narrative back on the forefront.

By Wadih Antoun

About 3 min read . Oct 29, 2021Branding

There is no need to explain what Meta is by now. (In case you were living under a rock the past couple of days, it’s the new name for the Facebook corporate brand - not the Facebook platform, that name is staying).

It really doesn’t affect the majority of the population on the planet… just yet. Google did the same a couple of years back, with the corporate brand being ALPHABET now. It’s just the latest hype right now and the media is loving the play on “Facebook Rebrands”. It’s misleading enough that most will think the platform itself is changing name, and voila, they click to read the article.

We’re not here to talk about all that. We’re also ignoring the elephant. The one about the rebrand covering up all the bad cred Facebook was getting in recent scandals.

We’re here to talk about the power of a rebrand.

We’ve said it and we’ll say it again. A brand is more than a pretty & smart logo, attractive colors and a cool name. It’s more than execution, it’s about positioning. It’s about what you stand for – your brand story. The narrative.

In fact, it’s all about the narrative!

Let’s break it down for Facebook. Facebook started as a social platform in 2004. It slowly but surely became a behemoth  and by far the biggest social media platform. It acquired Instagram in 2012 and Whatsapp & Oculus in 2014. It managed to eat up all major social platforms that it could get its hand on. And it made sense as a brand because they all cover different aspects of the same thing, being social.

It made sense to group all of this under one corporate brand and they had chosen FACEBOOK for the name. We don’t know why exactly but the story was the same. It’s all about connecting people together, under typical online social interactions.

It’s now 2021. FACEBOOK wants to be more. It wants to be identified as a multiverse platform.
(What’s that? We don’t have time for this right now, we can address it later on but if you insist, watch this video)

So how can you make people talk about something they don’t even understand? How can you make them change how they think of you after 15 years of doing the exact same thing in a global way that was never seen before. 

You retell your story. You change the narrative. YOU REBRAND!

And that is the power of a rebrand. If you doubt it, just take note of how often you will now hear of the multiverse moving on, and think of this article!

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