Marketing in an Era of Di[stress]

Sufficed to say that people are anxious and stressed out. but how can you relieve their anxiety [as a brand]?. We’re here to tell you. 

By Katia Barakat

About 4 min read . Jul 16, 2021Strategy & Consultancy

The world has been in turmoil for almost 2 years now…COVID-19 and the new variants of this virus are making their way through our communities and are not only causing anxiety, but they are also altering the way we work, the way we consume, the way we socialize, basically put, they are altering the way we live. This is not to mention the different areas of the world are also going through their fair share of social upheaval…but for the sake of not going political, we will simply address how COVID-19 has literally changed consumerism and what we marketers need to learn from it.  

Sufficed to say that people are anxious and stressed out. People are not just people. For us marketers, they are our target audience, which means they are the consumers. You’re probably thinking, “but how can I relieve their anxiety?” and we’re here to tell you that you can play an important role in this matter. 

As a brand, your role is to be a point of reference for your consumer. So, even while altering the way you operate, be it by creating a stronger online presence, optimizing your fulfillment and delivery operations or even enhancing your product or service, always remember the following: 

Rule n'1, stick to your brand values. 

There are enough things shifting around us, so let your brand be a source of comfort. 

While news is rampant and seldom uplifting, a little break from the often bleak realities is always welcome. Why not have your brand be the bearer of good news? No matter what you’re selling, there is some type of information that you can likely share that may put a smile on your consumers face, help them discover something new, receive some tips & tricks, etc. “But this doesn’t apply to me you might be thinking.” WRONG. Dig deep enough and you will find the answer. Let’s talk specifics. How inspiring is motor oil? Not very, right? The good news is, even if you’re selling motor oil, you can inform your consumers about the little things they can do to keep their car in good shape, even if it doesn’t involve motor oil, you can talk about the wellbeing benefits of going on a road trip, you can suggest fun playlists for the road, etc. And you can do this in different formats, whether social media content, blog articles, newsletter, etc. So remember the following rule: 

Rule n'2, inform and inspire your consumers. 

Consumers will continue coming to you if you are consistent, if you are informative and inspiring and most importantly if they can easily connect with you. What does this mean? It means that your customer support has to be stellar. It means that you have to talk the talk and walk the walk. And it has to be done in an organized and systematic way. You need to have a steady (and preferably short) response time; no email/WhatsApp/DM or any other means of communication should go by unanswered. Moreover, problems should be solved; go ahead, replace a faulty product (the consumer will likely tell many people in his/her circle), give a freebie (I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t love a freebie), encourage referrals (best and most cost efficient way to get new consumers). Remember that they are not just consumers, they are YOUR brand ambassadors. So where is this leading us? 

Rule n'3, keep your consumers happy! 

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