who we are

Our ability to deliver solid work relies on our diverse and skilled team.

Those who already know us know that we don’t like to talk about ourselves; we’re kind of low key. But, this is our website, you’re already here and probably wondering about who we are, so here goes.

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Our culture

  • Vision

    To become the
    go-to marketing destination
    for small to medium businesses.

  • Mission

    Ignite* interest in brands
    *by utilizing the best available resources through customized marketing strategies

  • Values

  • We hear you We know where we want to go together, but we know it’s not always a straight line

  • Provide insight We educate the client by involving them in the process and keeping them informed.
    No intimidating lingo, use normal words.

  • Rational creatives Everything has a purpose. If it doesn’t, don’t say it, don’t use it.

  • Casual collaboration A safe environment that values individuality and promotes productivity.

  • Pushy, in a good way We push things forward by always asking questions and challenging ourselves and the status quo.

  • Never lose sight of the big picture The day-to-day can drown you in details but we manage to make ourselves take a step back.

  • We are the client We build relationships on honesty and dedication.

What we do

Spearhead is a full-service marketing and communications firm.

We work in partnership with our clients to define, refine, and polish each of the elements of their brand. We enter into each client relationship without preconceptions, prepackaged solutions, or a one-size-fits-all mentality. We understand that the needs of every business are unique and that’s why we approach every client project with a blank slate.

It takes a number of elements working in perfect harmony to create a winning brand experience. We provide you with a fully integrated marketing and communications service because we know that whether it’s how your team answers the company phones, or how your brand is represented in the media, every aspect of your brand impacts the viability and success of your business.

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How it came to be

“I have worked on the client side as a marketing manager for several years. Achieving our integrated communication objectives was exhausting because of the back and forth communications between different agencies. With the work being fragmented across different players and with growing brand complexities, getting the job done seamlessly became increasingly difficult and redundant. Furthermore, this seemed to be the prevailing status quo among marketers. And so, the idea of a one-stop marketing agency was born.

The core idea behind Spearhead is for our team to work in partnership with clients by acting as an extension of their marketing department or becoming their marketing department. Even when there is work to be done that we don’t offer in-house, we would liaise with 3rd party suppliers. This allows the client to work with us on more strategic matters.

Our journey began very simply. We started working from living rooms and cafés and developed into a fully structured business. Today, we are a group of marketers with different skills to put on the table. From building marketing plans to websites, we like to think of ourselves as the client. By always striving to deliver the best solution, we are enhancing both the brand’s image and growth.

We firmly believe that our clients’ successes and achievements would reflect directly on us. That’s why we relentlessly ask questions to discover our clients’ businesses.

We are fortunate to be working with household names and are looking forward to continuing our journey with these leading businesses and to helping launch new ones.”

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