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Social Media Management

Social media has been at the heart of many heated debates in the past decade since it really took off and became a corporate communication medium to be reckoned with. As with new technologies, there were so many opposed emotions: From embracing the medium wholeheartedly to keeping it a bay for as long as possible.

Strip it down to the core, and social media channels are simply additional communication channels marketers should be adding to the spectrum… Along the lines of Television commercials, radio sponsorships, press ads, billboards, shelf talkers, email marketing, etc. etc. social media is a channel, an opportunity, for your brand to communicate with its audience.

As. Simple. As. That.

What’s even better than all this, is that it’s actually a cost efficient channel to reach a bigger number of your audience in an ongoing way and in a way that is relevant to them through advanced targeting and retargeting methods.

With social, content is key. If you’re not adding value to your fans, why should they even follow you? Aside from digital advertising and content sponsoring, a content strategy needs to be in place to keep the fans engaged. We help create content calendars based on the brand’s essence and core messages while factoring in fans feedback and expectations.

Community management is sometimes neglected, but it takes a full circle of care to cater to your fans. They need to feel privileged and they need to feel respected and addressed in a timely and proper manner. It’s no joke that we say “we’re the client” because at some point we do become that as we represent your brand to your audience. A task we don’t take lightly.

Reporting lies at the center of what we do. As in everything, we let numbers guide us and provide tangible feedback that we share with you so that together, we can create a better brand experience at any customer touch-point.

We recommend the channels you should be on, how to separate and differentiate the content on each channel, how to engage the fans and we listen – to you and your fans.

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