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“I need a logo” is the sentence we hear most often when it comes to branding. Fair enough, logos are important, they are the starting design point of the branding process. But branding is an entire universe of its own. It takes the logo to a whole other dimension. Branding is about creating a synchronized visual universe for the brand, one that is memorable and recognizable. It’s also about creating a design system that is coherent and that can be applied by any seasoned designer. It can make the brand navigate any consumer touch point, from signage, wayfinding, packaging, ambient branding, website, social media pages, brochures, stationery, advertising, you name it! And most important of all, branding is the visual embodiment of the brand strategy: it has an affinity with the brand’s audience and it is reflective of the brand’s positioning and values.
A visual identity guideline manual solidifies this branding process and makes sure it sticks!

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