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Feb 5, 2024

Building a distinctive identity for a new metal façade company in KSA

About Monoline:

Monoline is a company specialized in metal skin façades, aluminum and glass, based in Saudi Arabia.

They build innovative & outstanding façades with a team of architects, developers and contractors, focusing on high-end projects whether residential or commercial. 

Objective of this project:

Their primary objective was to create an elevated identity that reflects the company’s values and that allows it to stand out vis-à-vis competitors in Saudi Arabia.

To get a deeper understanding of the company’s design vision and to align on a strategic visual style, multiple mood boards were proposed exploring and visualizing several directions, making sure the design direction is hitting every aspect of the brand’s aspirations.

In short, the design objective was:

To craft a minimalist & refined brand identity that reflects construction through sleek geometric forms, sharp angles and clean imagery.

Logo concept & rationale

Based on the gathered information, the logo was created as a direct representation of “the letter M” with a linear styled emblem (reflecting the name “Mono = One” line).

It showcases a 2D representation of the letter with a twist of a 3-dimensional illusion of a one-sided façade.

Visual Style

The overall visual style focuses on:

1- Clean imagery to showcase the work.

2- A monochromatic color palette based on black & gray tonalities to reflect the minimal sleek outcome that the identity wants to accentuate.

3- The M emblem on the company's corporate items.

Business Card Design - Monoline Case Study for Spearhead

Stationery & Business Card Design - Monoline Case Study for Spearhead

Stationery Design - Monoline Case Study for Spearhead

To hold the full identity together externally and internally, branding the team uniforms was a must.

Uniform Design - Monoline Case Study for Spearhead

  • Collaborators
  • Christine as Principal Designer
    Elyan Jabre as Creative Director
    Katia Abou Rizk Barakat as Strategy & Planning