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The marketing machine behind sales and the importance of putting in the time and consistent effort to drive efficient communications.

By Katia Barakat

About 5 min read . Jun 28, 2024Full Marketing

“I spent lots of money and built my website and online shop, but I’m not getting much traction.” 

“When I have time, I post really good content, but I’m not getting the sales I want.” 

“I’m traveling and picking out amazing collections, but my stock is not moving at the speed I want.”

“My shop is gorgeous, when people come in, they love it. But that enthusiasm isn’t translating into sales.” 

Sounds familiar?

To all business owners out there, we’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: 

“Build it and they will come seldom works.”

You know what else we have to say: 

Random enhancements to your business do not a strategy make. There are rules in communication and one of them is CONSISTENCY.

Let’s talk more tangibly about brand communications. You know how more often than not communication specialists end up referencing Nike, Apple, Starbucks, Pepsi or other huge brands? It’s not because they are giants. It’s because of what they have done to become giants and how they maintain their “giant” status. These are some of the most valuable companies in the world and guess what, the biggest part of their valuation comes from their brand. 

Here's the thing: They became huge because they created a kick-ass product at the right place and at the right time. That’s a given. However, they remained giants because they perfected their product, they innovated and more importantly, they communicated all of this with their audience on a regular basis. Whether through product launches, working with inspirational brand ambassadors, deploying flagships and stores in high traffic areas, publishing amazing content (photos, videos, stories, etc.), deploying amazing campaigns and incentivizing their clientele and potential clientele through exclusive offers, rewards, etc. what is certain is that big brands never stop connecting with their audience. And they do so by planning ahead of time: their drops, campaigns, product innovations, ambassadorships and much more. 

We don’t live on Mars, so we understand that not all businesses have the resources that these giants do; nonetheless, you can take learnings from them and apply them to your brand. 

Let’s go through some important takeaways to enhance your business on the short and long term. 

1. Make sure your product/service is good and well-priced (in alignment with its market positioning). Clients are educated and will smell an unreasonably priced product from miles away (unreasonable can be either too expensive or too cheap). 

2. Make sure that the online and offline experiences are not only seamless, but coherent. Navigation should be intuitive, customer support should be top notch and when you want to favor one channel to the other, make sure you state it (i.e. Online exclusive).

3. No resources for major campaigns? No problem! Communicate with your clients and potential clients with existing means. Use email marketing & messaging tools in a smart way: inform of exclusive sales, product drops or anything else that is happening with your brand. Use social platforms to do the same! 

4. Create content you would want to connect with. Invest in photoshoots & videos – this is the best way to showcase your product and do it justice…Don’t skimp, competition is fierce and unattractive content will not only deter clients, it will repel them. 

5. Put a budget for online ads. Even if small a the beginning, you can grow it over time. Ads will drive traffic to your website and you can learn a lot from the behavior of the visitors and optimize accordingly. 

And most importantly, be consistent in your communications. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, consistency is the name of the game to stay top of mind for your audience (and to capture their hearts).

Do you feel like you might be in a communications rut, get in touch and let’s talk about how we can get you of it! 

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