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We used to say a website is your digital store-front. These days it’s mostly your entire store and main digital presence. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s housing your business and acts as a focal point for all your digital communications and ads. The list of criteria is only getting bigger: the content has to flow, the design has to be inviting, the navigation should be intuitive, it should be mobile friendly, enable visitors to take actions, allow advertising to include proper tracking and the list goes on and on.
We tackle any website project with the client’s needs in mind in addition to the end-user’s experience across multiple perspectives. From a design perspective, we will fashion a customized, memorable, user friendly and inspiring layout to reflect the brand’s true essence and translate its values to this digital format. We never offer any prebuilt templates or stock websites. We start every design from scratch and we base the design on the brand’s personality & spirit. From a technical side, we will construct the website using the latest technologies and test it to make sure it’s working smoothly across all platforms, browsers and devices. Spearhead’s custom content management system (CMS) allows the client to easily and intuitively edit any part of the website themselves. We don’t use open source solutions because we believe a brand’s website is its online home; every home should be personalized, comfortable and secure. Moreover, we guarantee direct support and quick responses to any technical issue or concern. We build the website as if it is ours and we make sure it lives up to our client’s brand values and more importantly, to Spearhead’s.

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